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That may sound odd, but the fact is, you learn by listening and discussing with others - not only what has worked well, but what also has not worked.  Learning from past mistakes, or bumps, is a good planning tool for others as well as yourself in starting a new business.


Business startup is hard enough just getting off the planning table and into reality, but it is harder having to scrap what has taken time, money and resources only to find out it was not built on a solid foundation.  Business planning is VERY crucial to the success of a business.  People often say "writing a business plan is the last thing I want to do", "I don't have the time to sit down and spend time doing this", and "why do I need a business plan, things are going to change anyway once I get started."  You cannot plan for every bump in the road, nor can you plan for every change, but in drafting out a "plan" you have a road map that can take you through those closed roads and off-beaten paths. 


When we sit down with clients to start the process we have a New Business Checklist that we begin to fill out.  A basic time line that will keep you on track.  Then we begin the hard stuff... market research, target market demographics, feasibility (for both the business and yourself) and before you know it, we have a finished Business Plan.  The main point is just getting it out of your head and onto something tangible, simple - make it real for yourself.  It's a 'plan' and "plans change", you just need to be flexible enough and know your market and business enough to change with it.  After all, your business plan is your most important tool in understanding the direction and vision for your business - everything else you do will be much easier because you have already done the hard part: got started!