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 Tax Deductible donations can be made by calling 585/203-4545Tax Deductible donations can be made by calling 585/203-4545


"I always knew that I wanted to start my own business... However, wanting and actually taking that 'leap of faith' had always been a challenge for me.

For years I had been looking for a way to formulate and mold my ideas.  I knew that I wanted to take that 'leap of faith', but needed someone to mentor me and show me how to 'push me over the edge' ... Pamm has been an ally, a friend, a mentor, a coach... I started less than a year ago and my business is already a success both financially and personally.  I owe much gratitude.   I recommend this company to entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations that are looking for direction and guidance through the development and growth stages of their business."

      ~ David C


Making a donation to become a sponsor of Business Startup Solutions of New York, Inc will help in educating, mentoring and networking with individuals who have the desire and compassion to start their own business. We welcome help from individuals and corporate entities. 

Business StartUp Solutions of NY, Inc. is a tax-exempt 501(C)(3) NYS corporation.

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"Historically, large commercial banks like HSBC Bank have stayed away from working with micro businesses.  Lacking the formal training required to fit our strike zone, financing these types of businesses is very difficult at best.  However, through my partnership with Pamela Dodge and her company I have been able to increase our portfolio to include businesses we once deemed  at "high risk".  I personally believe this is testimony to the drive Pamm instills in all her projects.  I also believe this company provides a valuable resource to the community of Rochester by training new entrepreneurs on "Best Practices", which allows them a better opportunity to succeed.  This in turn, will help to strengthen the weakening economics of Rochester in the years to come."

     ~ Jay S., Small Business Relationship Manager, HSBC Bank USA , N.A.


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